Term Partnership

A partnership opportunity that offers flexibility, profitability, and a steady income stream. With customizable timelines, guaranteed payouts, and a simple payout structure based on your sales score, becoming a Term Partner is the perfect way to monetize your influence and grow your income. Whether you have a massive following or a smaller but engaged community, the Term Partnership program offers a rewarding opportunity to earn handsomely while sharing your love of fashion with your audience.


What Is Term Partnership?

The Term Partnership program offers a unique combination of a commission-based payout structure as well as a base fee. This means that not only do you earn a percentage of the profits you generate, but you also receive a guaranteed payment for your partnership efforts. This ensures that you have a steady and reliable source of income while also incentivizing you to drive sales and grow your partnership with Eveyil New York.

Things need to be Discussed before starting

To move ahead with the Term Partnership program, we need a few details from you to help us structure the partnership:

  • The Sales Score Range - It represents the estimated number of orders that you could generate through your influence and efforts, and it is a crucial factor in determining your earning potential as a Term Partner. For example, your Sales Score Range could be 25-50 orders, 100-200 orders, 1000-1200 orders, or any other number. It's worth noting that, regardless of the number of sales you generate, you can still become a Term Partner and earn a generous income doing what you love. The sales score helps us to plan the initial starting of the partnership. 



  • Partnership Fees - Informing us of the monthly partnership fees you wish to receive so that we can arrange the partnership structure accordingly.



  • Partnership Timeline - You can choose a timeline for the partnership, which can range from one month to six months. For example, you could choose to partner for one month, three months, or a maximum of six months. If you wish to continue the partnership, it can be extended at the end of each term.



The elements:

You need to "decide" 3 things to get started:

  1. Sales Score Range📈
  2. Partnership Monthly Fee💵
  3. Term Timeline for the Partnership📆


You need to "understand" 3 things about the partnership monthly payout:

  1. 1st Term Rule
  2. 2nd Term Rule
  3. Commission💲💲💲

Once you have decided and understood all Six elements of this partnership, then you are ready to get started as a Term Partner of Eveyil New York.


Why it's called the "Term Partnership"?

As a Term Partner with Eveyil New York, you get paid based on the terms and the average sales you bring in. The partnership operates on two terms, and profits are shared equally to ensure the partnership's success. You can receive either your "partnership fee + commission" or "only commission". Which one out of these two you receive depends on the two terms that govern this partnership, and that's why it's called "The Term Partnership".


But before we explain the two terms that run this partnership, you need to decide on your partnership fee and understand the role of commissions in your monthly payouts. 

Commission: As we stated earlier during the partnership period, you could receive any of these two payouts every month, partnership fee + commission payout, or only commission payout. 

It is important to note that there are two types of commissions involved: one is 50%, and the other is 25%. Both commissions are calculated based on the total number of sales that you bring to Eveyil New York, and are paid from the profits of the sales you generate.

The 25% commission is always paid combined with your partnership fee as it is for times when your monthly performance falls under the 1st term. Where 50% commission is always paid singularly not getting combined with your base fee as it is for times when your performance falls under the 2nd term.

All of this is done to ensure that you receive a guaranteed share of the profits that you bring, regardless of the term in which your monthly performance falls as a partner.


For example,

1) You successfully brought in 1350 orders in a month, and your sales score range is between 1200-1500 orders per month. As the number of orders you brought falls within your proposed sales score range, this falls under the 1st term rule of successfully meeting your sale score range. Therefore, you will receive your base partnership fee as well as a 25% commission on those 1350 orders. 

To give you an idea of the potential payout, if you brought in 1350 orders worth $13,500 in sales in one month, your commission for that same month would be $3,375 (25% of $13,500). This amount will be added to your base partnership fee, and you will receive the total amount as your payout for that month. [$3,375 (25% of $13,500)+ Partnership Fee= Monthly Payout]


2) However, if we take the same example, and you brought in 1350 orders in a month, but your sales score range is between 1500-2000 orders per month which is in the higher side as compared to the number of orders brought by you, this falls under the 2nd term rule of not meeting your Sale score range. 

In this case, you will not receive your base partnership fee, but don't worry, you will receive a 50% commission on those 1350 orders you brought in. To give you an idea of the potential payout in this case, if you brought in 1350 orders worth $13,500 in sales in one month, your commission for that same month would be $6,750 (50% of $13,500).


By now, you must have understood that regardless of whether your monthly performance as a partner falls under the 1st or 2nd term, you will receive the equal amount as your payout. This is the beauty of our partnership plan, ensuring that you get paid equally, if not better, no matter your performance. We value our partnership with you and want to ensure that you are fairly compensated for the orders you bring in.


1st Term Rule-

The first term comes into play when you successfully achieve a certain number of completed orders within your sales score range. In this case, you will receive your partnership fee plus 25% commission for successfully completing your Sales score range. 

The Payout = Base Partnership Fee + 25 % Commision


2nd Term Rule-

The 2nd term applies if you bring in fewer orders than your sales score range for a given month. In such a situation, you will receive a commission of 50% on the total completed orders you brought in for that month, instead of receiving your base fee and 25% Commision. The Payout = Only 50% Commission


When you become a partner with Eveyil New York, the monthly payout that you will receive will be determined according to the rules of either the 1st term or the 2nd term. Regardless of which term applies, you will receive satisfactory payment for your efforts.

Possible Scenarios

Exceeding Your sale score range-

Sometimes, you might bring in more orders than your sales score range, which means you've exceeded your targets. In that case, you'll be rewarded handsomely. You'll receive not only your base fee and commission, but also an amazing bonus which will be disclosed to you at that time. It could be anything - gifts, more commission, perks, etc. Isn't that amazing?


What if during a term, you don't bring in any sales or orders?

In that case, it will be considered as a dead month and unfortunately, as it does not fall under either the rules of the first or second term, you will not receive any kind of payment, including commissions, bonuses, or base fees. Four or more dead months could result in the termination of the term partnership. However, we will be there to help you achieve your sales score through marketing materials and ideas to boost your performance.



If you're looking to boost your sales score range and increase your profits, becoming a fashion pilot in addition to being a Term Partner could be a great option. As a fashion pilot, you'll have your own profile on our website where you can curate Eveyil NY products and showcase your top picks. This can help increase your engagement rate and presence as a Fashion Pilot, ultimately leading to more sales.

Moreover, being a fashion pilot will allow you to gain exposure, build your personal brand as a fashion influencer, and connect directly with style-savvy customers who appreciate your unique perspective. By offering them a carefully curated selection of products that align with your own personal style and aesthetic, you can enhance their shopping experience and, in turn, boost your profits. It's truly a win-win situation!




Eveyil believes in the power of true partnerships, which is why we only work on a term partnership plan when partnering with social media influencers. This plan allows us to join hands with individuals who share our passion for fashion and value genuine business relationships. It's about more than just making money; it's about working together towards a common goal and achieving success together. We believe that by supporting hardworking individuals, we can achieve greatness together and create something truly extraordinary.


The reason why this partnership works as a blessing for not only us, but also for true influencers, is the sharing of equal profits, which is what a true partner deserves.

If you haven't worked in this type of partnership before, you might be hesitant to try it out. However, this partnership model is not new, but it hasn't been widely used by companies or brands to partner with social media influencers. Unfortunately, most companies view social media influencers only as marketing tools or an option to earn big bucks while spending less, which is a misguided approach. We believe that this type of partnership is a blessing for both parties and should be demanded by influencers from the brands they work with. It has been widely used by companies and brands to partner with celebrities, but it's now time for influencers to benefit from this structure.


For instance, if you help a company earn a profit of $15,000 in a single month, then you deserve a 50% share of that, which would be around $7,500. Instead of a one-time fee of $500, don't you think? We recognize the amount of work and effort you put in, working tirelessly day and night, investing an immense amount of time that cannot be bought, making it more valuable than any fee that anyone could offer.


Broad Example-

The following is a real-life example to help you better understand the Term Partner program.

Samantha Perez has been invited to be a Term Partner with Eveyil New York because her interests align with the brand's focus on fashion and her social media influence has great potential.

After receiving the invitation email, Samantha carefully read through the details of the Term Partnership program to fully understand how it works and how it could mutually benefit her and Eveyil New York. As a social media influencer with a strong interest in fashion, Samantha saw great potential in the partnership opportunity.


Samantha chose to initiate the "Term Partnership" with Eveyil New York 


  1. Sale Score Range - 500-700 orders per month (She estimated that she can bring in this number of orders per month and chose this range accordingly.)
  2. Monthly Partnership Fee - She proposed to receive a $1000 fee per month.
  3. The Term Timeline - She decided to partner with Eveyil New York for 3 months on a Term Partnership basis.

The partnership officially began, and in the first month, Samantha generated a total of 633 orders, as the number of orders she brought is within her Sale Score Range of 500-700. As a result, she will be paid according to the 1st term of the partnership.

The payout, (Monthly Partnership Fee + 25% Commission)

$1000 (Monthly Partnership Fee) + $3165 (25% Commission from the 633 orders)= $4,165

She will receive the total sum of $4,165 for that month from Eveyil New York as a Term Partner.


But in the second month, Samantha generated 491 orders. As this number falls outside of her Sale Score Range of 500-700 orders per month, she will be paid according to the 2nd term of the partnership.

The payout, (50% Commission)

Only Commission from 491 orders = $2455 

As Samantha generated 491 orders in the second month, which is below her Sale Score Range of 500-700orders per month, she will only receive a commission of $2,455 from Eveyil New York as a Term Partner. In this case, she only received a 50% commission from the total orders she brought in and did not receive her partnership fee, as she did not meet her Sale Score Range.




Please Note:

Term Partnership can only be obtained if you are personally invited through a representative of Eveyil New York. We only accept a certain number of Term partners every month.